Thursday, October 22, 2009

NOUVI lipgloss: Mag freebie, I want one too!

Yeah the box has got the lipgloss, so much of them. :(

I was wiping away the lipgloss then I realised how stupid of me, I supposed to put them on.
There goes me to put on my left hand, then only I go another room to put on my lips.

I saw Janice has got the mag freebie, I just know that I want one. So nice of her help me to purchase the magazine and redeem the lipgloss. I try to find at Subang Parade MPH book store but the mag is not available there. :(

So when I open the box of lipgloss I knew there is damage, you see I grab this chance to put it on right away. The envelope middle was wrecked, lucky postman not remove the lipgloss as clearly can see it. :)

My left hand is so shiny now, the smell is so good! My right hand is still blinking, it is in red too. :)

AMICA magazine is from Singapore. Price of the magazine is SG $6, MYR $18, HK$60.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My birthday in November

I admit that I am getting older but this will not stop me from doing things I love.

So what gift I can buy for myself?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Click on unique link

click on this unique link.

Review:Make or Break

I love blogging and from blogging I get to know bloggers. Make or Break is about a full time mom, part time worrier. I know Pehpot from Makoy's contest but we are not communicate much. Now she is going to have her baby soon on this coming November. Oh boy how much I have miss out at her blog and her.

One of the posts caught my eyes, it is the after math where you can see the furnitures are ruined. I know everything is ruined, most important is they are safe and sound. You can always purchase the new furniture but you cannot purchase a life. Now I am sure she is buy picking up things that still function.

Make or Break is a friendly blog where you can find this blog easy to access. Now the blog has got 136 followers, you can find the categories of parenting, babies and kids, and health to read at her blog. There are so much to read and you can find out more about Ondoy from there.

You must read the last post to find out how Pehpot felt about the Ondoy. From there we know that nothing matters as long as we have each other. Cherish every moment with your loved ones.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not listening

I just hate it when I am telling the person something, this person just not paying attention at all. Have this ever happened to you? It end up the person will ask over and over again.

If I get tired I will not say it again, anyway my car is broke down still not take for fixed. I am worry the cost of fix my car will be over RM1,000. There is something wrong with the engine and the air con.

Without my car, I am like a bird with the wings.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eyeko nail polish in Malaysia






Some friends asking me about the Eyeko nail polish.

It is not available for sale in Malaysia.

Think as I will need to drive up to post office for post and queue then fill up the form.

Email me if you are interested at email address:

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Friday, October 2, 2009

Join Azumi First Mini-Giveaway Contest!

Azumi First Mini-Giveaway Contest, has just started I am taking part and you can take part too.

Look at what you can win!

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Winner will be announced on 29 Oct, 2009.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vote for me, then upload your own pic!

Vote for my pic to help me win! If you want to win too, all you have to do is post a picture of yourself wearing a disguise, mask (or facial masque!) of some sort. The top 20 most popular pics will win the entire Rare Earth Collection!