Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping plan from her

My friend was telling me about her awesome shopping plan, that is great for her because she like shopping. I like it too but I realized there is so much you need to do. Just look around in your room and you will be if you have abandoned your items. I told her about it and she becomes unhappy, I know she wants to go shopping but I don't have time and I have not been getting enough of sleep.

She is welcome to go alone as walking from here not far away 15 min you just need to watch traffic in the area. I used to walk to work and this is good exercise, back then I don't drive because walking can save money and I can be healthy. I don't see many people exercise these days unless they bring children to playground and play.

She likes to tell me how tired she is and I don't know if she has listened to me about mine.